Certificates and statements from a health station

Health stations issue several different kinds of certificates and statements that are deemed necessary by Finnish law.

Health stations issue several different kinds of certificates and statements that are deemed necessary by Finnish law.

These include driving license certificates, certificates concerning sickness insurance benefits (for the state benefit administrator Kela), certificates related to military service, health certificates for educational institutions for receiving a study place, and proof of an employee's inability to work for the employer.

There is a charge for certificates not related to the treatment of an illness, as well as for the majority of the statements.

Please note that health stations treat patients in order of medical urgency. Certificates are not considered urgent, with the exception of certificates related to sudden illnesses.

Health stations do not issue certificates or statements for purposes associated with hobbies, competitions, student exchanges, or travelling.

If you have a mild food allergy or lactose intolerance, you do not need a separate certificate stating this. It is enough to take the matter into consideration yourself in your eating habits. If your child has a mild food allergy, you can simply notify your child's daycare centre or other service providers accordingly.

Specialist health care services issue certificates for people with severe allergies.

If you need a certificate or statement, please contact your local health station by phone or send a message via Maisa.

When do you need a medical certificate to report a special diet?

Children at daycare centres, school pupils and students at educational institutions can receive a special diet at mealtimes for health-related reasons based on a medical certificate.

Use the form below to report a special diet. If necessary, attach the medical certificate to the form.

Fill in the form to report a special diet (pdf)

A medical certificate is not required if the disease in question is a food allergy or lactose intolerance.

An ethical or religious diet does not require presenting a medical certificate. Use the same form as reporting a special diet.

If the disease in question is diabetes, celiac disease or a severe food allergy, a medical certificate is required.

In addition, rare congenital lactase deficiency, which requires a lactose-free diet, requires a medical certificate.