Symppis is a low-threshold day activity centre that offers health and social counselling to people dealing with substance abuse issues.

You do not need to be sober or give your name when using our services.

Our services:

- Health and social counselling

- Needle and syringe exchange service and information on safe injection practices

- HIV and HCV rapid tests, STD tests and pregnancy tests

- Vaccines

- Possibility to see a doctor on a weekly basis

- Employment, peer and volunteer activities

At the day activity centre, you can use a computer and get help, for example, in matters related to your livelihood. We also serve porridge, coffee and bread. We arrange different kinds of programmes and activities, but you can also come just to relax or catch up with others.

We look forward to seeing you at Symppis!

Service points

Biljardipallo biljardipöydällä.

Itis Symppis

Address: Kajaaninlinnantie 10 A, 00900 Helsinki
Akustinen kitara nojatuolissa.

Kontula Symppis

Address: Keinulaudankuja 4, 00940 Helsinki
Lähikuva maalauksesta.

Sörkka Symppis

Address: Pääskylänrinne 5 B, 00500 Helsinki