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Online health check

Are you curious about your estimated life expectancy and your risk of becoming ill? Would you like to know how to gain more healthy years in your life?

The online health check of the Omaolo health and well-being service asks you roughly 40 questions about the state of your health, your lifestyle and your mental well-being. Complete the survey to gain a clearer picture of which aspects of your life are going well and an estimate of your life expectancy in accordance with your current lifestyle. The service also includes an explanation of the life choices you could pay more attention to, if you wish to reduce the risk of illness.

The online well-being health check is available to everyone free of charge. The Omaolo service is a product of the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim.

Service points

24 service points

Centralised contraceptive advice, Kalasatama


Työpajankatu 14 A 00580 Helsinki

Haagan terveysasema

Haaga Health Station


Huovitie 5 00400 Helsinki

Jakomäki Health Station


Vuorensyrjä 8 00770 Helsinki

Kalasatama Health Station


Työpajankatu 14 A 00580 Helsinki

Kannelmäen terveysasema

Kannelmäki Health Station


Laulukuja 4 00420 Helsinki