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Renewing prescriptions

If you would like to renew a prescription for medication, you can do this at your local health station or any pharmacy in the capital area.

You can also submit a prescription renewal request online via the electronic health services My Kanta or Maisa.

If possible, please submit the request to the unit responsible for your care.

It takes approximately one week to process a prescription renewal. You can pick up medication issued with electronic prescriptions at any pharmacy in the capital area.

You can view your prescriptions and a summary of your medications in the My Kanta service, which you can also access via Maisa. You can renew prescriptions for your children under the age of 10 in this same way.

Service points

23 service points
Haagan terveysasema

Haaga Health Station


Huovitie 5 00400 Helsinki

Jakomäki Health Station


Vuorensyrjä 8 00770 Helsinki

Kalasatama Health Station


Työpajankatu 14 A 00580 Helsinki

Kannelmäen terveysasema

Kannelmäki Health Station


Laulukuja 4 00420 Helsinki

Kivelä Health Station


Sibeliuksenkatu 14 00260 Helsinki

Kivikko Health Station


Kivikonkaari 21 00940 Helsinki

Kontula Health Station


Ostoskuja 3 00940 Helsinki

Laajasalo Health Station


Koulutanhua 2 A 00840 Helsinki