Basic education

Basic education covers grades 1–9 and is free of charge. We offer children and young people a safe and inspiring learning path with a range of different options to choose from. 

Lapset tekevät tehtäviä pöydän ääressä
Henkilö käyttää kannettavaa tietokonetta
Photo: Helsinki Material Bank / Marek Sabogal

Wilma – for communication between home and school

Wilma interface and app helps you catch up with your child's schoolwork, teaching, learning arrangements and assessment. The school sends all the important messages to parents and guardians via Wilma, and Wilma enables you to get in touch with your child's teachers and the school principal. You will receive a guardian-specific Wilma ID at the beginning of the autumn period from the school where your child has started comprehensive school. 

Log in to Wilma(Link leads to external service)

Pupil taking a photo of peers.
Photo: Jefunne Gimpel

New in Finland? Welcome to school in Helsinki!

Has your family recently moved to Finland or Helsinki? This pages answers your questions about finding a school place and starting school in your new hometown.

Check out our information pack on starting school