Participate in exhibitions, events, performances and concerts all over the city! The cultural services promote experiences and support communities and artists through grants.

The music band plays on Espa's stage and there is a lot of audience in front of the performance stage.
A woman and a man are dancing on a street
Photo: Aki Rask

Select an event or exhibition from the calendar

In the event calendar, you can find all the events in the city, from art exhibitions and concerts to children's theatre and workshops.

Search for things to do in the event calendar (Link leads to external service)

A woman and a man are smiling in the audience and clapping with their hands.
Photo: Aki Rask

Experiences at the City Theatre

Finland's largest and most diverse professional theatre, which aims to provide the public with unforgettable experiences and meaningful stories on all five of its stages.

Check out what’s on at the City Theatre here (Link leads to external service)(in Finnish)

Violinists of the city orchestra playing the violin.
Photo: Maarit Kytöharju

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra creates memorable experiences

Symphony concerts, chamber music, pre-concert talks, HKO Screen online broadcasts either live or recorded. The power of 102 musicians – Experience it yourself! 

Explore all that the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra has to offer here(Link leads to external service)

A woman is sitting at a table and using a computer.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Apply for cultural grants

You can apply for arts and culture grants in the form of operational grants and project grants, as well as development grants that are available for projects intended to last for 1–3 years. Institutions providing basic arts education are subsidised, and also separate grant calls are organised when in need.

Learn more about applying for grants here(Link leads to external service)