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Substance abuse rehabilitation

We offer both weekday and round-the-clock rehabilitation to support an intoxicant-free lifestyle.

Substance abuse rehabilitation supports abstinence from substance abuse and in addition strengthens life management skills and promotes your functional ability. Peer support is a central part of rehabilitation. We also consider your loved ones.

Rehabilitation that takes place on weekdays and usually in groups, is referred to as daytime rehabilitation or outpatient rehabilitation.

Round-the-clock rehabilitation takes place at the Luoto substance abuse rehabilitation unit. It can be preceded by a shorter treatment programme at Day Centre Aalto.

You can seek outpatient rehabilitation and round-the-clock rehabilitation through the Substance Abuse Outpatient clinic, Youth Station, Jelppi or follow-up rehabilitation of Substance Abuse Services.

The follow-up stages of rehabilitation of substance abuse begin when you are further along in your recovery. Follow-up rehabilitation support is long-lasting and focuses on practical everyday problem-solving and vocational rehabilitation.

Before starting substance abuse rehabilitation, it is important that you have been able to abstain from intoxicants and that any withdrawal symptoms are under control.

Service points

Tuoli ja sohva. jolla tyynyjä.

Daytime substance abuse rehabilitation


Nordenskiöldinkatu 20, building 9, 1. floor 00250 Helsinki

Keinuhevonen lattialla sohvan edessä.

Daytime substance abuse rehabilitation for families


Käpyläntie 13 00600 Helsinki

Pallovalaisin ikkunan edessä.

Luoto Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Unit


Nordenskiöldinkatu 20, bldg 5 00250 Helsinki