Owner-occupied housing

The site contains information on the city’s owner-occupied homes, that is, Hitas homes, buying them, selling them and new Hitas buildings.

Ilmakuva Kalasataman Sompasaaresta ja sitä ympäröivästä vedestä ja saarista.

What is a Hitas home?

Hitas homes are owner-occupied housing intended for residents of the city, the price of which is regulated. Hitas homes are usually more affordable than the market price, but there is also an upper limit on the selling price of the homes. Hitas homes are always located on a rental plot owned by the City of Helsinki. Thirty years after the completion of a Hitas company, the company can be exempted from price regulation.

Kalasatama ylhäältä
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Hitas housing developers

Hitas housing is developed by the city’s own Housing Production and private developers in different parts of the city.

You can search for the buildings of private developers on the websites of each developer. You can find out more about the buildings built by the city on the Housing Production website.

 Go to the Housing Production website(Link leads to external service)