Kontula Health Station

Kontula Health Station serves residents of the districts of Mellunmäki, Vesala and the east side of Kontulankaari.

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Photo: Virpi Velin

The health station is your primary source of care for sudden and long-term health concerns, with a multidisciplinary team ready to address your needs.

Please contact your local health station if you have a health concern, experience sudden symptoms or need support for the treatment of a long-term illness.

Kontula Health Station employs nurses and doctors, among other professionals.

Contact information

Ostoskuja 3, 00940 Helsinki Show accessibility information View location on service map

Valid for the time being:
- Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 8.00-16.00
- Wed
     16.00-20.00 By appointment
- Sat-Sun - Closed

P.O. Box 6230, 00099 City of Helsinki

How to contact us

When you contact the health station, a nurse will assess your situation and refer you to the right professional, if necessary.

There are several ways to contact the health station. Choose the way that suits your situation.

It is important that you only contact the health station through one channel, so that the channels are not congested and the professionals can serve you faster.  

Our chatbot, Sotebotti Hester, provides you with treatment and operating instructions as well as advice on Helsinki’s health and social services around the clock without you having to queue, also in the evenings and at weekends.

You can chat with health station professionals on weekdays 7.45–14.00.

You will find Sotebotti Hester at the bottom right corner of the page.

When you have a new symptom or your symptom has worsened, use the symptom checker at omaolo.fi. You can get instructions and, if necessary, contact a professional 24/7. You can also assess the state of your health by performing a health check. 

  1. Complete an online symptom checker or perform a health check online when it is convenient for you.
  2. Omaolo will provide you with instructions on what you should do.
  3. If your symptoms require a professional’s assessment, you can submit a completed symptom checker to your health station. Based on your symptoms, we will respond to you as soon as possible, no later than within 24 hours. The most urgent contacts are processed by a professional within two hours.

Go to Omaolo(Link leads to external service)

  1. Log in to Maisa at www.maisa.fi(Link leads to external service) or in the Maisa app.
  2. Send a message from Messages > Send a message > Send a message about care or services.
  3. Select a topic.
  4. Select your health station as the recipient of the message and write the appropriate subject for your message.
  5. In your message, please be as specific as possible about what your health issue is. Please note that all messages you send will be stored in your health records.
  6. You will get a response within 2 business days.

Go to Maisa(Link leads to external service)

Health stations have a callback service. Please only call once, and we will call you back as soon as possible. If the callback service is busy, you will see a notification of this at the top of the page.
We will call you back two times, and you may also receive the call back in the evenings or on Saturdays.

Call +358 9 310 60410(Link starts a phone call)

See more detailed instructions on how the health station telephone service works

In urgent situations outside health station opening hours, call the Medical Helpline 116 117(Link starts a phone call)(Link starts a phone call).

If you cannot take care of your matter digitally or by calling, you can visit the health station in person during its opening hours. Please be prepared to queue.

Show the route in the HSL Journey Planner(Link leads to external service)

You can ask the health station to renew prescriptions for regular medications prescribed to you conveniently at www.kanta.fi/en/(Link leads to external service). Please submit a renewal request in good time before your medication runs out. In MyKanta, you can also view your health data, such as laboratory results or appointment records.

Visiting MyKanta is enough. You do not have to contact the health station.

Please note that it may take up to 8 days for a prescription renewal request to be processed. For the most urgent renewal requests, please contact your health station by phone.

Go to MyKanta(Link leads to external service)

If you have a hearing impairment or are unable to produce speech, you can contact the health station in one of the following ways:

  • Sotebotti Hester at the bottom right corner of the page advises you in questions related to health and social services and, if necessary, guides you to the chat service where you can talk to a professional at 7.45-14.00.
  • If you have a new symptom or your symptom has worsened, complete an appropriate symptom checker in the Omaolo (Link leads to external service)service.
  • If your case is non-urgent or you have questions about your care, please send a message in Maisa(Link leads to external service)
  • On weekdays, call the health station with the help of an interpreter through the telephone exchange. The city exchange number is +358 9 310 5015.
  • If the situation is urgent, you can contact health services through the Medical Helpline text service(Link leads to external service). Alternatively, seek emergency care.
  • In a life-threatening situation, send an SMS to the emergency response centre’s number 112.


Ostoskuja 3, 00940 Helsinki
Location on map - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

The route to the main entrance

  • The pick-up and drop-off area is located in the vicinity of the entrance, giving easy access to the pavement.
  • The route to the entrance is smooth and sufficiently wide.

The main entrance

  • The entrance stands out clearly and is illuminated. There is a canopy above the entrance.
  • The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly and the glass doors have contrast markings. Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door opens automatically with a motion sensor.

In the facility

  • The customer service point is located on floor 2.
  • For moving around, there is a lift, which can hold a wheelchair; the door opens automatically. The floor numbers in the lift can be felt with fingers. (The minimum dimensions for an accessible lift are width 1.1 m and depth 1.4 m.)
  • The doors in the customer service point stand out clearly. The glass doors have contrast markings.
  • The waiting room of the customer service point has a queue number system and seats.
  • The customer service point has an accessible toilet on floor 2.

Henkilökuntamme / Vår personal / Our staff

Henkilökuntamme ammattiryhmittäin. Kielitaitoa kuvaavat lyhenteet:
Vår personal enligt yrkesgrupp. Förkortningar som beskriver språkkunskaperna:
Our staff by occupational group. Abbreviations describing language skills:

ar = arabia, arabiska, Arabic
bn = bengali, bengali, Bengali
en = englanti, engelska, English
es = espanja, spanska, Spanish
et = viro, estniska, Estonian
fa = farsi, persiska, Persian
fi = suomi, finska, Finnish
fr = ranska, franska, French
ps = paštu, pashtu, Pashto
ru = venäjä, ryska, Russian
so = somali, somaliska, Somali 
ur = urdu, urdu, Urdu

Nimi / Namn / Name Kielitaito / Språkkunskap / Language skills
Aru Kaidi en, et, fi
Ylilääkäri / Överläkare / Chief physician
Nimi / Namn / Name Kielitaito / Språkkunskap / Language skills
Boikov Alena fi, ru
Klimova Julia fi, ru
Mattila Toni en, fi, ru
Niironen Risto-Heikki en, es, fi
Nkurunziza Gerard en, fr, fi
Zahier Nawab en, fa, fi
Terveyskeskuslääkärit / Hälsocentralläkare / Health centre physicians

Nimi / Namn / Name Kielitaito / Språkkunskap / Language skills
Lehikoinen Anne en, fi
Osastonhoitaja / Avdelningsskötare / Head nurse
Nimi / Namn / Name Kielitaito / Språkkunskap / Language skills
Heiniö Jenna en, fi
Apulaisosastonhoitaja / Biträdande avdelningsskötare / Deputy head nurse
Nimi / Namn / Name Kielitaito / Språkkunskap / Language skills
Försti Kirsi en, fi
Hoikka Tuija en, fi
Jarnamo Marja en, fi
Kraatari Kristiina en, fi, sv
Liimatta Nina en, fi
Matilainen Pirita fi
Terveydenhoitajat / Hälsovårdare / Public health nurses
Nimi / Namn / Name Kielitaito / Språkkunskap / Language skills
Aransalo Elisa en, fi
Juntura Pia en, fi
Jylkkä Jonna en, fi
Niskakoski Sari en, fi
Tiainen Sere en, fi
Sairaanhoitajat / Sjukskötare / Nurses