Disability services

We offer services to support Helsinki residents living with disabilities and their loved ones. Here, you can find information about housing options, hiring an assistant, informal care, transportation services, work and day activities, as well as health and rehabilitation services. Our aim is to help you achieve independence and lead a fulfilling life. 

Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Transport services

Transport services are designed to assist Helsinki residents coping with severe disabilities, who, because of their condition or illness, face significantly challenging long-term obstacles when utilising public transportation. You can request transport services through Helsinki Transport Service (Helsingin Matkapalvelu). 

Go to the Helsinki Transport Service website (Link leads to external service)

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Come and enjoy sports!

Adaptive physical activity encompasses physical activity programmes designed to accommodate individuals facing challenges in participating due to disabilities, illnesses, a decline in functional capacity, or their social circumstances. 

The City of Helsinki’s Sports Services offer many opportunities for guided adaptive physical activity around the city. We also organise adaptive sports in cooperation with organisations and clubs. 

Explore our sports offering and springtime sports courses (Link leads to external service)

Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Apply for disability services

If you need help in your daily life due to a disability, long-term illness or limitation of functional capacity, disability services can be useful. Before you apply for disability services, take a look at the services offered by the City of Helsinki and consider which of them could be of help to you. 

Read the application instructions