Influenza and coronavirus vaccinations for risk groups at vaccination points have ended on Friday 17 November 2023. Those in risk groups can receive vaccines by appointment at their own health station from 20 November – 1 December. You can book a vaccination appointment in Maisa or by calling the appointment booking number +358 9 310 46300(Link starts a phone call) (weekdays 12.00-16.00). 

Do you suspect a coronavirus infection? See new instructions. 

Health stations

Your local health station is your one-stop destination for all your health needs, providing comprehensive care and treatment, whether short-term or long-term. Our team of highly trained medical professionals is dedicated to delivering the best possible care and treatment tailored to your needs.

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Are you new to the Helsinki area?

Would you like a basic explanation of Helsinki's social services and health care?

Find this and more helpful information for recent arrivals at the City of Helsinki's website.

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Should I visit a nurse or a doctor, or is self-care enough?

You can fill out the Omaolo symptom assessment wherever and whenever.  After filling out the symptom assessment, you will be given reliable instructions for treating your ailment.

If your symptoms need to be assessed by a professional, you can send the symptom assessment that you have filled out to your health station. We will reply to you the same day, if possible!

In Omaolo, you have access to a wide range of self-care instructions for various ailments.

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