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Do you need vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis?
If you spend a lot of time in nature in certain areas in Helsinki, it is recommended that you get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis. Ask for a TBE vaccination prescription at your local health station, buy a dose of the vaccine from the pharmacy and go to the vaccination point to get vaccinated.

Health stations

Your local health station is your primary source of treatment for all of your health issues, whether sudden and long-term.

A team of highly trained medical professionals will do their best to provide you with the care and treatment you need.  

Lääkäreitä ja sairaanhoitajia kävelee käytävällä.

Are you new to the Helsinki area?

Would you like a basic explanation of Helsinki's social services and health care?

Find this and more helpful information for recent arrivals at the City of Helsinki's website.

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Huivipäinen nuori nainen auttaa vanhaa naista tabletin käytössä.

Should I visit a nurse or a doctor, or is self-care enough?

You can fill out the Omaolo symptom assessment wherever and whenever.  After filling out the symptom assessment, you will be given reliable instructions for treating your ailment.

If your symptoms need to be assessed by a professional, you can send the symptom assessment that you have filled out to your health station. We will reply to you the same day, if possible!

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