Palliative Outpatient Clinic

At the Palliative Outpatient Clinic, we care for patients diagnosed with an incurable and advanced serious illness in a comprehensive manner.

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Palliative care means treatment to relieve symptoms. Palliative care is started when the progression of the disease can no longer be influenced. In palliative care, we alleviate pain and other symptoms and support the best possible quality of life. We also support the client's close relatives and friends.

Usually, our patients are suffering from cancer or an advanced heart, lung or liver disease.

The duration of palliative care is not limited. End-of-life care is the final stage of palliative care.

A doctor's referral is needed to access treatment at the Palliative Outpatient Clinic. We operate at Suursuo Hospital.

Contact information

Suursuonlaita 3 B, 00630 Helsinki Show accessibility information View location on service map

Valid for the time being:
- Mon-Fri 8.00-15.00
Date period: July 8, 2024 - July 28, 2024 - Closed

P.O. Box 6700, 00099 City of Helsinki


Suursuonlaita 3 B, 00630 Helsinki
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The route to the main entrance

  • The 2 accessible parking spaces are located outdoors under 10 m from the entrance. The width of the parking spaces is at least 3.6 m.
  • The pick-up and drop-off area is located in the vicinity of the entrance, giving easy access to the pavement.
  • The route to the entrance is smooth and sufficiently wide and illuminated and it uses movement-guiding surface material.

The main entrance

  • The entrance stands out clearly and is illuminated. There is a canopy above the entrance.
  • The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly and the glass doors have contrast markings. Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door opens automatically with a motion sensor.

In the facility

  • The customer service point is located on the entrance floor.
  • The doors in the facility stand out clearly. The glass doors have contrast markings.
  • The facility has an accessible toilet.