Skin change examination

If you are concerned about a mole or skin change, come to your local health station and show it to a doctor.

There can be various harmless moles, discoloured patches and spots on a person's skin. Benign moles are usually symmetrically shaped, have a uniform colour and well-defined borders. If a mole or other skin change concerns you, send a picture of it via Maisa message. A professional will assess the image to determine if there is a need to schedule an appointment with a doctor. If you do not have access to Maisa, please call your own health station.

A doctor can remove suspicious small moles at the health station, and for larger ones, a biopsy may be taken for further examination. Please note that moles are removed at the health station only for medical reasons, not for cosmetic purposes.

Instructions for sending a photo via Maisa:

1. Take as good a photo of the mole as possible with your mobile phone camera, for example. Measure the size of the mole or skin change.

2. Log in to Maisa and select 'Messages' in the top menu. Select 'Ask a Question' > 'Ask About Care or Services'.

3. Select your health station team and then 'Non-urgent question about care or services' as the subject. In your message, describe where the mole or skin change is located and what size it is. Attach the photo or photos you have taken to the message.

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Haagan terveysasema

Haaga Health Station

Address: Huovitie 5, 00400 Helsinki

Jakomäki Health Station

Address: Vuorensyrjä 8, 00770 Helsinki

Kalasatama Health Station

Address: Työpajankatu 14 A, 00580 Helsinki
Kannelmäen terveysasema

Kannelmäki Health Station

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Kivelä Health Station

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Kivikko Health Station

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Kontula Health Station

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Laajasalo Health Station

Address: Koulutanhua 2 A, 00840 Helsinki