Service voucher

A service voucher is a payment commitment granted by the City of Helsinki. You can use it to pay for services provided by private service providers.

To receive a service voucher, your need for services must first be assessed by a social services and healthcare professional of the City of Helsinki. Once you have received a service voucher, you can select the service provider from which you want to purchase the service. 

Service vouchers are an alternative option to services that we provide ourselves or purchase. 

How to use a service voucher

Once you have received a service voucher, you can see the details of your service voucher and the service providers available by logging in to the online service. You can also compare service prices and see whether you will be charged a co-payment, which refers to a fixed amount of the total fee that you may have to pay from your own pocket. 

Go to (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

The service vouchers provided by the city of Helsinki are found at Click ‘Siirry asioimaan’ in the box that says ‘Asiakkaille’. Choose ’Palveluseteli- ja ostopalvelut’ at the top of the page and find ’Helsingin sosiaali- ja terveystoimi’ from the list below.

Direct link to Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division's list of service vouchers (in Finnish) (Link leads to external service)

To become one of our service providers, please submit an application through the online service. The rules and instructions for the City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division’s service vouchers are available in the system. 

We require all our service providers to belong to the Reliable Partner programme of Vastuu Group. 

The services provided with a service voucher fall under the municipality’s statutory duty to organise services. The Social Services and Health Care Committee decides on service vouchers and their values. The City of Helsinki is obligated to control the quality of services and entitled to conduct inspections of entrepreneurs’ premises.