There are periodic delays in Helsinki Transport Service. Check the instructions on what to do if you need a transport soon and have to queue for our customer service for over 15 minutes or if your transport is more than 15 minutes late.

See the instructions on the How to order or cancel transtport-page(Link leads to external service)

Getting around

You’ll discover a wealth of information about our diverse range of mobility and travel support services on our website. Whether you require transport services or assistance in obtaining mobility aids, you can apply for both through us. 

Photo: Maija Astikainen

How to apply for transport services

To apply for transport services, fill out the transport service form and submit it to the transport service social worker in your residential area. 

Detailed instructions for applying for transport services 

Once you receive a positive decision on transport services and a travel card, you can order transportation from Helsinki Transport Service. 

Go to Helsinki Transport Service’s website (Link leads to external service)