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Psychiatric outpatient clinic

At the psychiatric outpatient clinic, we treat patients who have a serious mental disorder or a psychiatric illness, such as bipolar disorder.

Treatment at the psychiatric outpatient clinic is psychiatric specialist health care. Our treatment forms include individual and group discussions, occupational therapy and medication.

You need a referral to the psychiatric outpatient clinic. Your need for special health care can be assessed, for example, by a health station doctor, occupational health doctor, student health care or Finnish Student Health Service doctor or a private psychiatrist.

We always prepare a treatment plan together with the customer. The treatment plan is individual, fixed-term and goal-oriented. It can also include substance abuse services.

Our services are free of charge.

Service points

Tuoleja ringissä.

Kalasatama Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic


Työpajankatu 14 A 00580 Helsinki

Koristekuvioita seinässä.

Laakso Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic


Lääkärinkatu 8 00250 Helsinki

Kaksi tuolia ja viherkasvi ikkunan edessä.

Malmi Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic


Soidinkuja 6 b 00700 Helsinki

Koriste-elefantti ikkunalaudalla.

Vuosaari Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic


Kahvikuja 3 00980 Helsinki