Rental housing

The City of Helsinki is the largest lessor in Finland. We provide both reasonably priced state-subsidised Heka rental apartments and non-subsidised rental apartments. Affordable city-owned rental housing is in high demand, and you can find units in almost every district.

Valotaidetta Kruunuvuorenrannassa
Photo: Lauri Rotko

What is Heka rental apartment, what is non-subsidised rental apartment?

Heka rental apartments are rental apartments built with state subsidies, the tenant selection principles of which are based on the law. The owner of the apartments is Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy.Non-subsidised rental apartments are standard rental apartments owned by the City of Helsinki and KOy Auroranlinna which tenant selection does not consider urgency or wealth limits. 

Housing Services, rental apartment search advisory service

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