Dental check-ups for adults

We conduct oral and dental check-ups for adults of all ages. We primarily offer adult clients oral health care service vouchers.

For check-ups performed by a dentist, the city provides service vouchers, including comprehensive care service vouchers (KOHO) and examination and treatment service vouchers (TUTHO).

When using a KOHO service voucher, the share of the client and visit fees you need to pay (deductible) remains consistent with Helsinki's oral health care services.

Utilising a TUTHO service voucher might entail a higher deductible than what's typically associated with Helsinki's oral health care services.

However, it is important to note that both KOHO and TUTHO service vouchers could potentially result in elevated dental technician fees and increased laboratory costs compared to the city's own services.

Should you prefer to avoid the prospect of a higher deductible, we will ensure an alternative path for accessing dental care in accordance with treatment guarantee legislation.

Your check-up interval will be determined by the examining dentist based on your individual treatment requirements. Typically, adults in good overall health with a healthy mouth and teeth find that an oral and dental check-up every 2 to 3 years is sufficient. The exact length of your individual check-up interval takes into account factors like general health, oral health status, healthy lifestyle practices, and self-care habits.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dental care team via Maisa client portal, phone or the chat service.

In situations involving urgent care due to pain or accidents, our emergency dental care services are available to address your needs.


The client fee applicable within the city’s own operations 

(including the visiting fee)

The portion remaining for the client to pay with the comprehensive care service voucher


The portion remaining for the client to pay with the examination and treatment service voucher 


, cheapest provider – most expensive producer, prices revised 11.4.2024


(bitewing dental X-ray if necessary)

54,50 € 54,50 € 45–57,60 €

Tooth filling 

(two surfaces)

 and anaesthesia

65,80 € 65,80 € 64–82 €

Treatment of periodontal diseases SDA04 

(30 minutes)

56,40 € 56,40 € 70–89,80 €
Price examples of service vouchers


Service points

24 service points

Haaga Health Station's Dental Clinic

Address: Huovitie 5, 00400 Helsinki

Herttoniemenranta Dental Clinic

Address: Petter Wetterin tie 5, 00810 Helsinki

Jakomäki Dental Clinic

Address: Vuorensyrjä 8, 00770 Helsinki

Kalasatama dental clinic

Address: Työpajankatu 14 A, 00580 Helsinki

Kivelä Dental Clinic

Address: Sibeliuksenkatu 14, 00260 Helsinki

Kivikko Health Station's Dental Clinic

Address: Kivikonkaari 21, 00940 Helsinki

Kontula Health Station's Dental Clinic

Address: Ostoskuja 3, 00940 Helsinki

Laajasalo Health Station's Dental Clinic

Address: Koulutanhua 2a, 00840 Helsinki