Contraceptive counselling

Advice on birth control and sexuality is available from, for example, your health station and the centralised contraceptive counselling service.

We provide advice and services regarding pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted diseases at various healthcare facilities, including health stations, school health care, student health care, maternity and child health clinics, and centralised contraceptive counselling. All these units also offer guidance and support on matters related to sexuality.

If you are considering starting birth control, we recommend contacting your health station or school nurse. For individuals under 17 years of age who are considering birth control, please reach out to our centralised contraceptive counselling service. They can also assist with matters such as contraceptive implants or difficulties related to birth control.

Contraceptive counselling services are provided free of charge. Additionally, contraceptives are available free of charge for individuals under 25 and in specific circumstances.

Free condoms can be obtained from health stations, school nurses, student health care nurses, maternity and child health clinics, and centralised contraceptive counselling units.

Service points

Centralised contraceptive counselling, Kalasatama

Address: Työpajankatu 14 A, 00580 Helsinki

Centralised contraceptive counselling, Vuosaari

Address: Kahvikuja 3, 00980 Helsinki

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