Housing services for mental health clients

We provide services for Helsinki residents in mental health rehabilitation to support their living at home, as well as supported housing, communal housing and 24-hour service housing.

We want to provide you with housing that meets your needs and to provide support that helps you in your rehabilitation and managing your everyday life.

We help you in learning the skills you need to thrive in your everyday life and move to living independently. If this is not possible in your situation, we support you in taking care of your mental health, safety at home, and functional capacity.

We support living at home but, if necessary, we arrange supported and communal housing as well as 24-hour service housing in a housing unit.

As a rule, our housing services for mental health clients are always provided on a fixed-term basis, and we assess your need for services on a regular basis.

How do I become a customer of the housing services?

You apply for our services by filling in an application form. Complete your application together with a social or health care professional who is familiar with your situation. The application includes an assessment and clarification of your service needs. This includes information on how your physical, mental, cognitive, and social functioning capacities have been assessed, maintained and promoted, as well as your possibilities for rehabilitation.

Your application will be processed by the Assessment Manager for Housing Support. The decision will be made by a working group. We will contact you when a decision has been made.

We provide housing services for mental health customers ourselves, but we also purchase services from various foundations and private service providers. We plan and organise your living arrangements also in our purchased service locations.

Your housing may be short-term or long-term housing. The length of your stay will vary and depend on, for example, your rehabilitation needs.

The apartments are located in Helsinki and nearby municipalities, in the City's own housing units and in private housing services.

As a mental health customer, you can also apply for housing services in a wellbeing services county other than Helsinki. Even then, you are on an equal footing with other applicants.

Note: If you have submitted an application in another wellbeing services county and the application is pending, we will not process your application.

However, you can have an application pending at the same time in your own wellbeing services county, that is, as a Helsinki resident for services in the City of Helsinki.