The Therapy Navigator helps you find the right treatment

The Therapy Navigator is used in the assessment of treatment needs related to mental health challenges in adults. Filling out the navigator speeds up the initial assessment process and helps to find the right form of treatment.

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Is it mandatory to use the Therapy Navigator?

Filling out the Therapy Navigator is voluntary and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. If you do not wish to fill out the navigator, we will evaluate your situation in another way. If you are pupil or a student, please contact the health care services of your school or educational institution first.

How do I use the Therapy Navigator?

The Therapy Navigator is completed anonymously. Do not write your name, social security number or any of your contact information in your answers. The navigator maps out the nature of your symptoms and challenges, as well as your treatment preferences. Save the 8-digit code you receive upon completing the Therapy Navigator. With your permission, a health care professional may ask for your code to review your results. If you wish, you can also download your results to your device. By giving your code to a health care professional, you consent to the health care professional’s use of the Therapy Navigator’s information in choosing an appropriate form of treatment and recording this information in your medical records.

You can find the Therapy Navigator at You can also access it from the link below. The Therapy Navigator is intended for adults.

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If you have suicidal thoughts

If you have suicidal thoughts and are unsure of your safety while waiting for treatment to start, directly contact a health care professional for an assessment. You can do this through your local health station, occupational health care, or student health care services. Tell a professional about your suicidal thoughts to ensure you get the best possible support for your situation.

If you need immediate assistance, contact your local health station, go to the emergency department, or call 112.

Urgent and emergency care

Description of the Therapy Navigator

The Therapy Navigator is a digital survey that allows you to identify mental health symptoms and challenges. If you wish, you can go over your results with a health care professional and discuss the type of treatment that could be suitable for you.

Experiences of those seeking help with the Therapy Navigator

In this video, Expert by Experience Jenna talks about her experiences with the Therapy Navigator.