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Read and confirm the receipt of information about Kanta Services in My Kanta
The data of all patients and clients using social welfare and healthcare services are stored in Kanta Services. Now that the wellbeing services counties have began operations elsewhere in Finland, everyone (including Helsinki residents) will be informed in the My Kanta Pages about what the Kanta services are, how the data is used in the social and healthcare services and how they can have a say on how the data are processed.
Reading and confirming the receipt of the information in My Kanta in advance will make handling your matters quicker on an appointment.

Mental health services

We offer low-threshold mental health services at your own health station or at Mental Health Service Unit Mieppi.

If the mental health disorder persists or becomes more severe, you can receive a referral to the psychiatric outpatient clinic or the Youth Station.

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Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to feel better? Is your goal to sleep better, learn positive interaction, exercise more or stop smoking?

The electronic well-being coaching at Omaolo provides support for a good everyday life and life changes. The coaching services are free of charge.

Find out more about the coaching at Omaolo