Home care

In home care, we provide elderly clients with the support they need to maintain their independence at home. You can receive home care if there has been an apparent decline in your functional capacity and you are having trouble coping with everyday activities without assistance. 

Home care may also involve support services, such as meals or safety phone services.

We have divided home care into eight units according to the city districts. Each home care unit has several local service areas.

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Photo: Sakari Röyskö

Manage your health and social care in Maisa

In the Maisa client portal, you can find your examination results and the entries made by the physician. In Maisa, you can also book and cancel appointments and send messages to the professionals taking care of you.

Visit Maisa at www.maisa.fi(Link leads to external service). You can also download the Maisa app on your smart device from the application store.

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