Guidance and advice

Our social support services are dedicated to providing assistance whenever you require support in matters concerning your well-being, work ability, finances or housing. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of advisory services that you can reach out to for inquiries about what we have to offer. Our competent staff is here to guide you in finding the services that best meet your needs. 

At times, you may face challenges such as financial strain, loss of employment or the absence of a support network. If you find yourself unsure of where to turn for assistance, we encourage you to reach out to our advisory services. Seeking help at an early stage is a proactive approach that can prevent overwhelming difficulties from arising. Remember, we are here to support you when you need it most.

Our low-threshold advisory services

Feel free to reach out to our advisory services for guidance on applying for various allowances and services. We are here to answer your inquiries and provide you with the necessary information. Additionally, if your situation requires specialised expertise, we can direct you to a specialist who can collaborate with you to address your specific concerns. 

Our housing counselling services are available to assist all Helsinki residents facing housing difficulties. Feel free to consult us regarding housing applications and rental agreements. Moreover, if you find yourself unable to meet your rent obligations, we can provide the necessary assistance to help you navigate through such challenges. 

See the contact information and service hours for housing counselling 

We are here to assist you with matters concerning homelessness. Our aim is to provide guidance and direct you to the appropriate services that can best address your needs. 

See the contact information and service hours for housing support   

You can call the on-call telephone number of the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre 24/7 in urgent matters related to overnight accommodation. 

Call +358 9 310 46628(Link starts a phone call)

You can ask us about supplementary or preventive social assistance, the funeral grant and matters related to their payment.  

See the contact information and service hours for benefit handling counselling

We provide services to immigrants, refugees and victims of human trafficking living in Helsinki. You can also contact us anonymously. 

See the contact information for integration counselling

Social counselling allows you to discuss your life situation with a professional, anonymously if you so wish. After mapping your situation, you are referred to services if necessary.  

If you require advice and guidance regarding social services, applying for benefits or other related matters, our dedicated professionals are here to assist you. Whether you prefer to remain anonymous or not, social counselling offers a confidential platform to discuss your life situation. Following a comprehensive assessment, we can provide appropriate referrals to services that may be beneficial to you. 

See the contact information and service hours for social counselling 

We offer guidance and support in various areas, such as debt management and financial matters. Additionally, we can provide guidance on applying for a social loan. To access our services, please schedule an appointment with us. 

See the contact information and service hours for financial and debt counselling 

At Helsinki Central Library Oodi, you have access to invaluable advice and support regarding everyday finances. Our team of financial and debt counsellors, as well as specialists in enforcement matters, are available to assist you. What's more, we offer services without the need for an appointment, making it convenient for you to seek guidance at your convenience. 

See more detailed contact information and service hours 

Other advisory services of the city 

The City of Helsinki offers its residents a variety of advisory services you may be interested in. 

Our employment services advice offers valuable information and support pertaining to job applications and pursuing educational opportunities.  

See the contact information for employment services advice (Link leads to external service)

If you have children aged between 0 and 17 in your family, we encourage you to reach out to us. Whether you require assistance or simply wish to inquire about our services, our team is available to provide guidance and support tailored to your specific needs. 

See the contact information for social counselling for families with children

Senior Info is a dedicated resource designed specifically for Helsinki residents aged 65 and above who require assistance with a range of matters, including relationships, life management and housing. We are here to support you in accessing the services and benefits that are essential to your well-being. Feel free to reach out to Senior Info for guidance and assistance in applying for the resources you require. 

See the contact information for Senior Info  

Counselling for people with disabilities provides advice and guidance on services for people with disabilities and issues related to applying for them. 

See the contact information for counselling for people with disabilities