Advice and guidance

We offer comprehensive information on disability services and guide you through the application process. Access all necessary disability service forms with ease. Furthermore, we've compiled a valuable directory of contact information for various organisations. 

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Explore Kela services

You have the option to apply for the disability allowance for individuals under 16 years, as well as the disability allowance for those aged 16 years or older, and the care allowance for pensioners through Kela. 

Kela also provides access to various types of rehabilitation. If you participate in rehabilitation, you can also receive rehabilitation allowance or rehabilitation allowance for young people. You can also apply for an EU Disability Card from Kela. 

In addition, Kela offers interpreting services that can be applied for by persons with a hearing impairment, vision and hearing impairment, or speech impairment. Interpreting services are also available as remote services. 

Go to the Disability website of Kela(Link leads to external service)