Specialist dentist's appointments

Specialist dentists treat oral diseases requiring special expertise.

Each of our specialist dentists specialises in a particular specialist field of dentistry, such as oral and jaw surgery, dental filling and root canal treatment, prosthetics and physiology of the mouth and jaws, children's dentistry, gum diseases or orthodontic treatment (correction of irregularities of the teeth).

The services offered by our specialist dentists include such things as treatment of severe infections, jaw disorders and malocclusion (faulty bites), as well as extensive restorative dentistry procedures.

Almost all of our specialist dentists work at the Unit for Specialised Oral Care, which operates at the Oral and Dental Centre in the western district of Meilahti. Additionally, there are specialist dentists who specialise in orthodontic treatment working at five of our dental clinics.

Specialist dentists receive clients by referral from dentists.