Planning of medical rehabilitation

The rehabilitation planner will advise and guide you in rehabilitation services that support your functional ability.

Medical rehabilitation aims to maintain and improve your functional ability when you have fallen ill or been injured and have, for example, long-term functional limitations or particular difficulties in performing ordinary daily activities.

Medical rehabilitation includes physiotherapy, lymphatic therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, neuropsychological rehabilitation, and personalised assistive devices.

The rehabilitation planner will advise and guide you in services related to medical rehabilitation. The planner can, for example, give you a payment commitment for a personalised assistive device. The rehabilitation planner cooperates with other professionals involved in your treatment and rehabilitation.

You need a doctor or therapist's assessment for rehabilitation planning. You can contact rehabilitation planning directly when you need to replace personalised assistive devices.

We arrange therapies and assistive devices as purchased services.

Rehabilitation planning is free of charge.