How to return assistive devices

You can use the drop-off point to return a wheelchair, a walker, or smaller assistive devices. Any larger assistive devices such as reclining wheelchairs and shower chairs with wheels must be returned to Konala.

Do as follows

The machine provides instructions on how to return your assistive device. To use the machine, you must have a mobile phone with you.

Please adjust the assistive devices you are returning to the smallest possible size. For example, adjust crutches to be less than 100 cm and fold a wheelchair.

You can use the same locker to return several assistive devices at the same time.

  1. Make sure that the assistive device has a City of Helsinki assistive device services identification sticker.

    The identification sticker can be a barcode sticker, a QR code sticker or a PEG number. 

  2. On the machine screen, select a locker of a suitable size.

    If the locker you selected proves to be too small, you can return to the previous step and select a different locker size.  

  3. Enter your phone number on the screen. You will receive a PIN code by text message.

  4. Enter the PIN on the screen. The locker will open.

  5. Place the assistive devices you are returning in the locker and close the door.

  6. You will receive a text message after a successful return.

    The assistive device will be registered as returned when it arrives at the assistive device services in Konala. You will not receive any separate return receipt. 

Opening hours and contact information

The drop-off point is in the entrance lobby of Myllypuro Health Station building. Assistive devices can be returned via the drop-off point on weekdays between 7.50 and 19.50.

Myllypuro health station, Jauhokuja 4

In case of a problem, please contact the drop-off point telephone service at +358 9 310 70704, Mon–Tue 8–16, Wed–Thu 9–17 and Fri 10–14.