Occupational therapy home rehabilitation

Occupational therapists solve everyday problems of the elderly living at home and people taking care of their loved ones.

We offer support for rehabilitation at home and those acting as informal caregivers. With ageing, everyday life can narrow down to the home, and opportunities to participate in meaningful activities may become limited.

Occupational therapy home rehabilitation takes place at the client's home and outside the home. Occupational therapy involves practicing things that are important to clients, such as eating, dressing, running errands and engaging in leisure activities. We can help you plan a weekly schedule that supports functional ability and provide you with information on different aids and home alterations.

Together, we will plan a rehabilitation period matching your needs. Usually, an occupational therapy period lasts 1 to 5 visits.

You can access occupational therapy when directed by another professional, for example, by the client assistance, Senior Info, home care or Geriatric Outpatient Clinic. You can also call our helpline, tel. +358 9 310 32249, or the helpline of informal care occupational therapy, tel. +358 09 310 32591.

Occupational therapy is free of charge.

If you are already our customer, you can send us a message via Maisa.