Mental health support services for the elderly

We are here to support your mental wellbeing through our support groups in service centres: Kööri, Peesi, Vire, Toivo and Pilke. Additionally, we offer Tsemppi and Puhti rehabilitation programs specifically designed for senior services. Our social instructors at the service centers are available to provide guidance and support.

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Service centres – active everyday life, peer support and social interactions

Our service centres, which operate in connection with senior centres, are open meeting places specifically designed for the elderly.

At the service centres, you can engage in different types of hobbies. In addition, you are welcome to participate in our varied events and excursions. The service centres are also an ideal place to seek peer support, guidance and advice.

There are multiple service centres around Helsinki. You can participate in the activities of any of the centres.

Read more about service centres.

Guidance and support from social instructors 

You can discuss any problems or concerns you might have with the social instructors working at our service centres.

Book an appointment directly from the service centre. We will refer you onwards if you need more support than we are able to offer.

Read more about service counselling and social guidance at service centres.

Support from a peer support group

Peer support groups for the elderly – Kööri, Peesi, Vire and Toivo – start in February and September.

The meeting places vary from one service centre to another. If the registration is not open, you can pre-register for the next group for the season. 

For more information, call +358 9 310 34888(Link starts a phone call)

The event information is in Finnish.


This group is suitable for you if you are looking to reduce or put a stop to substance abuse.

Read more about Kööri ( leads to external service)


This group is suitable for you if your loved one has trouble with substance abuse and you feel the need for support in coping with the situation.

Read more about Peesi ( leads to external service)


This group is suitable for you if you are feeling sad or depressed.

Read more about Vire ( leads to external service)


This group is suitable for you if you have lost a loved one.

Read more about Toivo ( leads to external service)

Pilke groups

Pilke groups are intended for pensioners who use or have used intoxicants. The purpose of the group is not to change your lifestyle. Participants are welcome to the group as they are.

Group activities include a free breakfast, discussions and other jointly planned activities.

Pilke groups are available at almost every service centre.

Read more about Pilke groups ( leads to external service)

For more information, please contact the peer support group instructors. The contact information for the instructors is available via the links above (

Read more about peer support groups

Support from rehabilitation

In the senior services’ rehabilitation, we consider your life situation as a whole. In rehabilitation, we will consider your mood, financial situation, relationships, health, and food and exercise habits.

We offer pensioners two different forms of rehabilitation.


Tsemppi is social rehabilitation at home for elderly clients who need enhanced support for their mental health or to stop or control their substance abuse. 

We will take a look at your life situation as a whole. You determine your goals and means for the rehabilitation period, which is 4–6 months. Meetings take place approximately once a week.

For more information, call +358 9 310 37333(Link starts a phone call)


Puhti is a group-based rehabilitation service for elderly clients dealing with substance abuse or mental health problems. Puhti is a 24-hour rehabilitation period that lasts 4–6 weeks. The price includes a room for one to two people and meals.

During the period, we will consider your life situation as a whole, including what kind of change you want to achieve and how it can be done. The weekly programme includes discussion groups, physical activity and relaxation exercises.

For more information, call +358 9 310 39277(Link starts a phone call)