Options for 24-hour care

If your functional capacity declines to the point that you can no longer live at home with the support of home care or other services arranged at home, you can apply for 24-hour care.

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24-hour care entails living in a senior centre or service home where care is available around the clock.

Sometimes 24-hour care is provided as institutional care.

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In a senior centre, you can live the kind of life you want in a safe and home-like environment.

In a service home, you will have your own room which you can decorate with your personal belongings and furniture. The residents also have access to cosy common spaces.

Group homes have one- or two-person rooms and cosy common spaces. In a group home, you can decorate your own space with your personal belongings and furniture.

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Your apartment can be located in our own service home or in a private service home from which we outsource 24-hour service housing. The care and services are the same in both options.

We will discuss options with you and offer a place of care based on your service needs. We will consider your wishes in the final decision.

Alternatively, we can provide you with a service voucher, allowing you to purchase 24-hour service housing yourself.

We will grant a service voucher to everyone who wants it as long as the criteria for 24-hour service housing are met.

You can also apply to a private service home at your own expense. If you pay the costs of living and care in a private service home yourself, you do not need the city's 24-hour service housing decision. Inquire about free places and prices directly from the private service home.

Short-term service housing is intended to support elderly people living at home and the loved ones caring for them.

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