Personal assistance and support person activities

A personal assistant assists you both inside and outside your home with your daily activities, work, studies, leisure activities and other social interactions. A support person accompanies you in your leisure time and when engaging in recreational activities. 

Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Become a friend to a person with a disability

Would you like to build a friendship with a person with a disability? Through this connection, you can enjoy recreational activities, attend events, and more. By becoming a support person, you not only gain a new friend but also receive compensation for your invaluable role. 

The city offers convenient and free remote training sessions on support person activities during the autumn and spring, available to individuals aged 16 and above. No prior experience in disability work is required, and participation carries no long-term commitment. 

If you're interested in becoming a support person, you can register at any time, even without participating in the training session. Simply send an email to opens default mail program), which serves as an information channel for both support persons and those in need of support. 

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