Social work and social guidance

We support older adults' well-being and functional ability through social work and social guidance.

We work together with you to make your everyday life as safe as possible. We help you find solutions to challenges in relationships, life management and housing, for example. We also assist you in applying for useful services and benefits.

When looking for services and support for people over the age of 65, please get in touch with Senior Info first. If you have already been appointed a designated worker from the city's services for the elderly, please ask them for guidance and advice.

Clientship in gerontological social work is based on a decision on a service needs assessment made in client guidance. The service is free of charge.

Service points

Eastern gerontological social work

Address: Kivikonkaari 21, 00940 Helsinki

Northern gerontological social work

Address: Malmin asematie 3 A, 00700 Helsinki

Southern gerontological social work

Address: Käenkuja 1 B, 6. and 7. floor, 00500 Helsinki

Western gerontological social work

Address: Mannerheimintie 168b, 00300 Helsinki