Transport support for the elderly

You can apply for transport support if you cannot use public transport due to reduced functional capacity caused by ageing.

Transport support is a service in accordance with the Social Welfare Act intended to support independent living.

We will assess your situation and eligibility for transport support.

You can receive support for transport if, for example:

- your functional capacity is impaired and you have difficulty using public transport alone or with an accompanying person

- you have a memory disorder that makes it more difficult to use public transport

- your income or assets do not exceed the limit defined for the service.

If you are granted transport support, you can use six one-way trips per month for errands and recreational trips.

You can travel in Helsinki, from Helsinki to nearby municipalities and in nearby municipalities (Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa and Sipoo). You will get a payment card, which you always need to take with you when using the transport service. You can order transport from the Helsingin Matkapalvelu transport service dispatch centre. You pay the driver a deductible equal to the price of a public transport ticket.

The driver can assist you if you need help getting from your home to the vehicle or from the vehicle to your destination. In this case, the transport service decision includes the assistance provided by the driver.

Transport support is only intended for errands and recreational trips. For trips related to health care, such as visits to a doctor, laboratory or rehabilitation, you can apply for reimbursement from Kela.

Apply for transport support by filling out an application for transport services and sending it to your local office of social work for people with disabilities.

Your application must be accompanied with an income and asset statement as well as a medical certificate, which you can get from your local health station, for example. If you need help filling in the forms, please get in touch with Senior Info.


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