Partners and developers

Helsinki cooperates with universities and other municipalities, cities and organisations to enable the development of work and entrepreneurship. At the heart of this cooperation is the creation of an environment that encourages innovation and good networks for work and business.

Key themes for partnerships and development

Sustainable and smart urban solutions

Sustainable and smart urban solutions will be developed with partners for the built environment, regional energy solutions, promoting the circular economy, urban food production and transport. In particular, they will aim to contribute to the objectives of low carbon and the green transition. 

Intelligent learning and learning environments (EdTech)

Smart solutions for schools and other learning environments will be promoted by enabling development and experimentation environments that support the RDI activities of companies. EdTech operators can develop and test their smart innovations in Helsinki's comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and other learning environments.



Circular economy

Innovation and business activities in line with the circular economy are currently being developed with partners, especially in the construction sector. The circular economy cluster programme is an example of the kind of co-operation that is taking place between Helsinki and interested companies, research institutes and universities.

Digitalisation, AI and data

The daily accumulation of data associated with the use of Helsinki's services in the city's information systems and data warehouses opens up opportunities for the development of various data-based services and digital business models. At the heart of collaborative development are ecosystems where data and activities can be shared efficiently between actors. 


Well-being and health technologies (Health Tech)

Digital solutions such as virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence in particular are making social and health services more efficient and providing solutions to support individual wellbeing. The aim is to enable experimentation with health and wellbeing innovations in a real-life setting, together with end users, city personnel and businesses.

Digital creative sectors 

The development of digital creative sectors in Helsinki is focused on games and augmented reality development, AV and film, music, performing arts, literature and screenwriting, among other things. Various partnerships aim to support the internationalisation of the digital creative sectors, as experience economy markets are global, the digital content business is scalable and the sectors attract young talent, venture capitalists and financiers.

Smart as HEL - tiedekokeiluja Tiedekulmassa
Photo: Shoot Hayley

Cooperative project on health technology development

Health Capital Helsinki is a large-scale partnership project between different cities, universities and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. The project was launched in 2015. It aims to accelerate cooperation between health technology operators in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Helsinki will fund cooperation for the 2019–2022 programme period with a total of EUR 240,000/year.

Health Capital Helsinki website(Link leads to external service)

Photo: Andrew Taylor

Sustainability Partners network

The Sustainability Partners network is meant for companies, which want to take part in making Helsinki sustainable and carbon neutral.

Learn more about our Sustainability Partners network