Informal caregiver's health check-up

In the health check-up, we will check the informal caregiver's general health. As a result, you will receive targeted information about your well-being and health.

If you are an informal caregiver, you are legally entitled to a health check-up.

Complete the health check-up in the Omaolo service. If your check-up reveals an increased health risk, you can send the results to your own health station and the staff will contact you.

After completing the health check-up, you can also take part in free-of-charge electronic coaching programmes.

Do as follows:

1. Complete the health check-up in the Omaolo service at your convenience.

2. Omaolo will give you instructions on how to proceed based on your results.

The electronic health check-up is free of charge. If you are unable to use the electronic Omaolo service, please contact your own health station.