Short-term service housing

Short-term care supports the functional capacity of elderly people living at home and the resources of the loved ones caring for them.

We provide short-term care, for example, for the duration of family caregivers' statutory leave.

During short-term assessment and rehabilitation periods, we support elderly people living at home and those who have been discharged from the hospital.

We provide short-term service housing in our senior centres and service homes, and in private service homes from which we outsource 24-hour service housing.

Service housing includes the care and treatment you need, activities that support your functional ability, services related to meals, clothing maintenance, washing and cleaning, as well as services that promote inclusion and social interaction.

The service has a daily fee. The fee does not include medicine or treatment equipment.

Further information is available from Senior Info. If you already have a designated worker appointed by the city's services for the elderly, you can contact them for advice and guidance.