The coronavirus infection can be prevented and treated just like other respiratory infections.

To protect yourself from severe cases of COVID-19, it is important to adhere to vaccination recommendations and receive the appropriate coronavirus vaccines.

Käsi pitelee kasvomaskia roskiksen edessä.
On this page, you can find information addressing common queries such as what steps to take when suspecting a coronavirus infection, where to access the COVID-19 vaccine, how to schedule an appointment, and which vaccine doses are administered to different groups.

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Do you suspect you have a coronavirus infection?

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, it is important to stay at home until your symptoms have significantly improved, and you no longer have a fever. If you belong to a high-risk group or if your symptoms persist, it is recommended that you get tested for COVID-19.

Do you suspect you have a coronavirus infection?

Vaccinations against coronavirus

Booster doses of the coronavirus vaccine for risk groups are given at the vaccination points also without an appointment 6 – 17 November 2023. We will check at the entrances to the vaccination points, if the person belongs to a risk group. 

Read more about vaccinations against coronavirus for the risk groups(Link leads to external service)

Vaccine doses

The number of coronavirus vaccine doses administered varies depending on your age and whether you belong to a risk group.

Vaccine doses and vaccines