Libraries at service centres

Service centres have service points of the Helsinki City Library and some have their own libraries.

You can use your Helmet library card at the library points maintained by the City Library at the service centres of Kontula, Kustaankartano, Roihuvuori, Riistavuori and Myllypuro.

The service centres' own library points are located in the service centres of Kinapori and Kamppi.

The libraries of the service centres are open to everyone.

The service is free of charge.

Service points

Kamppi Service Centre

Address: Salomonkatu 21 B, 00100 Helsinki

Kinapori Service Centre

Address: Kinaporinkatu 7-9 A, 00500 Helsinki

Kontula Service Centre

Address: Kontukuja 5, 00940 Helsinki

Kustaankartano Service Centre

Address: Oltermannintie 32, E-house, 00620 Helsinki

Myllypuro Service Centre

Address: Myllymatkantie 4, 00920 Helsinki

Riistavuori Service Centre

Address: Isonnevantie 28, 00320 Helsinki

Roihuvuori Service Centre

Address: Punahilkantie 16, 00820 Helsinki