Student health care

In Helsinki, student health care services are primarily available within educational institutions. You can access the services of a school nurse through your educational institution.

In addition to the services provided by the nurses in educational institutions, our Centralised Unit of Student Health Care offers specialised services for sexual health matters, mental health support, and conducts conscription health examinations.

Our primary focus in student health care is to promote the health and study capacity of students, as well as monitor the health conditions within the study environment. These services are specifically intended for students attending upper secondary schools and vocational schools located in Helsinki.

How to contact us

The best way to reach the nurse at your educational institution is by phone. Additionally, you can submit a contact request through various channels such as Wilma, email or Maisa.

Contact information of the school nurses of educational institutions(Link leads to external service)

Make an appointment at the Centralised Unit of Student Health Care by phone. You can also contact us via our chatbot, Sotebotti Hester.

 Call +358 40 662 4166(Link starts a phone call)

If you fall ill

You can access medical care services at your local health station. If you reside outside of Helsinki, you can also receive health care services at the health station located within the area of your educational institution.

Contact information for health stations

Health stations' service areas on a map(Link leads to external service)

If you are studying full-time in Helsinki, you will also receive dental care services in Helsinki, regardless of your municipality of residence. Book an appointment for non-urgent care by calling the dental care customer service line.

Call +358 9 310 51400(Link starts a phone call)

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