Home care supports living at home

You can apply for home care if you are unable to live in your home independently or with the help of your close relatives and friends. We grant home care based on a service needs assessment.

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Home care helps you with daily activities such as getting out of bed, going to the toilet, bathing, dressing and eating. We also help with administering medication.

We monitor your health on home visits. Home care can also include nursing services when ordered by a doctor if you cannot use other healthcare and nursing services.

We can arrange regular home care on a daily basis, even at night. Part of home care is remote care, where we will contact you by phone or using a tablet. Remote connection allows us to check on you and remind you of important things.

Your day-to-day care will be provided by practical nurses, public health nurses and registered nurses. Your well-being will also be taken care of by home care assistants, domestic helpers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. You can also receive support services that complement your personal care, such as meal services.

We will prepare an individual care and service plan for you. Home care can also be temporary, for example when recovering from an illness.

Home care and its support services are subject to a fee. You can receive home care as a service provided by the City or as an outsourced service, in which case we have purchased the service from a private company. Alternatively, we can provide you with a service voucher, allowing you to purchase the service yourself from companies we have approved.

If you wish to apply for home care, please contact Senior Info.

Criteria for granting home care 

The criteria for granting home care are the same for all residents of the city. The decision is always based on a service needs assessment. We use the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) that measures health and functional ability as a basis for our assessment. 

We can grant regular home care to a person 

  • whose functional ability is clearly impaired and who cannot cope with regular daily activities independently with the help of relatives or other helpers 
  • who is in need of nursing but is unable, due to physical, social or mental limitations, to use the services of the health station or a private company, even when assisted 
  • whose informal caregiver needs support in order to cope. 

The criteria for granting support services can be found in the list below under each support service. 

Other services to support living at home such as home meals, grocery delivery service and safety telephone

You can receive support services that complement your personal care. You can receive support services even if you are not a home care client. The services are subject to a fee. Some services are income-based. 

The meal service transports ready-made, nutritionally balanced meals to your home, which you can heat up yourself. We also observe special diets. 

The service is provided by Compass Group Finland Oy and Service Centre Helsinki, which deliver meals to you 1 to 2 times a week. Alternatively, you can get a Mehumat meal device to your home. It is a combination of a freezer and an oven. The service is provided by Menumat Oy. 

Our menus include 1 to 3 meal options for each day. On a weekly basis, you will receive a list of options that are suitable for your diet, from which you can choose the meals you prefer. 

You are eligible for the meal service if you have been diagnosed with severe malnutrition or an illness, or if you are recovering from an illness or injury, or if you have any other special reason as to why you need meals or a special diet to be brought to your home. 

The meal service fees consist of the prices of the meals and transport and possible meal heating. In addition, the Menumat service has a service fee. 

Home meals by Service Centre Helsinki (Link leads to external service)

Compass Group Oy (Link leads to external service)

Menumat Oy (Link leads to external service)

The grocery delivery service delivers groceries that you have ordered to your door. 

You are eligible for the grocery delivery service if you cannot go shopping on your own or with the help of a loved one due to your impaired functional ability or health, or if you cannot arrange your grocery shopping in other ways. The grocery delivery service granted by the city is primarily intended for clients of home care, the Rehabilitative Assessment Unit or informal care support.

Groceries are delivered by Mehiläinen’s Kauppakassi service. The service includes one delivery per week that is not subject to value added tax. VAT is added to any additional deliveries. 

Kauppakassipalvelu by Mehiläinen (Link leads to external service)

The grocery service is also available through other private operators. 

The safety telephone service includes a safety telephone and safety bracelet to call for help around the clock.  
You are entitled to the safety telephone service if you are susceptible to falling, for example. The service can also include a door alarm and a GPS locator bracelet. 
The safety telephone service is an income-based service, which means that the service fee depends on your income and your spouse’s income. 
Watch a video about the safety telephone service  (Link leads to external service)
Read more about the safety telephone service (Service Centre Helsinki)(Link leads to external service)

An automatic medicine dispenser helps to make sure that you take your medication at the right time. The suitability of the service in home care is always verified client-specifically.
The automatic medicine dispenser comes included in the home care fee.
Watch a video about the automatic medicine dispenser(Link leads to external service)
Read more about the automatic medicine dispenser (Helsinki Service Centre) (Link leads to external service)

Remote care means that we will be in contact with you via an easy-to-use tablet computer. Using remote care, we can check how you are doing and remind you of important things such as medication, blood glucose tests, eating or physical activity. You can also join other remote care clients in remote groups such as the daily lunch group. 
The remote care service comes included in the home care fee.

Watch a video about the remote care (Link leads to external service)

Read more about the remote care service (Service Centre Helsinki) (Link leads to external service)

During our daily visits, we will ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen and toilet together with you. Actual cleaning service is provided with a service voucher. In exceptional cases, we can arrange cleaning as a service outsourced by the City. 

You can be eligible for the cleaning service if you have a low-income level and your functional ability has been impaired so that you cannot do cleaning yourself or with the help of others, even a little at a time, or arrange cleaning in some other way. 

You can be granted with two hours of cleaning service per month. The cleaning service is an income-based service. 

You can also buy cleaning services yourself from a private company and claim tax credit for household expenses. Ask for more information about tax credit for household expenses from Senior Info.  

Read more about service voucher for home cleaning

Read more about private home services not subject to value added tax

Tax credit for household expenses (vero.fi)(Link leads to external service)

Voluntary organisations and parishes, for example, provide accompanying services and assistance with errands when going outside the home. Ask for more information from Senior Info.