Service housing service voucher calculator

The calculator gives you an estimate of the copayment remaining after the service voucher.

When the criteria for 24-hour service housing are met, you can receive a service voucher to purchase service housing from private companies approved by the city. You can find the service providers approved by the city and their service housing prices in the service(Link leads to external service).

The costs of private service housing that can be paid with a service voucher include 

  • the service fee for service housing 
  • the base fee 
  • the meal fee. 

The service fee is charged for care. The base fee covers the expenses related to the common premises of the unit, supervision and security arrangements. 

The base fee and service fee for service housing are priced by the service provider and thus vary. The service provider decides on the method of invoicing service housing. You can obtain detailed information by contacting the 24-hour service housing provider whose services you are using.  

When you purchase service housing with a service voucher, you pay the difference between the price set by the service provider and the value of the service voucher; this difference is called the copayment. In addition to the copayment, you will also have to pay for the service housing rent, medicines and other personal expenses.

Calculate an estimate of the service voucher for 24-hour service housing