Service needs assessment

Our client assistance team carries out service needs assessments together with elderly clients and their loved ones.

When looking for services and support for older adults, please get in touch with Senior Info. If your situation calls for a more extensive service needs assessment, our client assistance team will take it from there.

We carry out extensive service needs assessments, for example to determine the need for home care, informal care or round-the-clock care.

We will consider your functional ability from many different perspectives by using RAI (Resident Assessment Instrument). We will pay regard to the accessibility of your living environment, the safety of your home and the availability of local services.

A social work professional familiar with the needs and services of the elderly will carry out your service needs assessment.

We will also plan a service package together with you, appoint you a designated worker if necessary, prepare a client plan, and carry out decisions on social services.

We provide services in Finnish and Swedish. The client assistance services are free of charge.