Assistive device services

We lend assistive devices to Helsinki residents aged 16 and above with impaired functional capacity.

You can borrow the most common assistive devices without an appointment or referral. The most common assistive devices include

- crutches - rollator - basic wheel chair - raised toilet seat - shower chair - sock aid - grabber tool.

Your relative, loved one or other interested party can do business on your behalf with your Kela card, official ID or a power of attorney signed by you.

Assistive devices that require personal assessment can be borrowed by appointment. They include devices such as active wheelchairs and patient lifts.

Most of the assistive devices are ones that have been used previously, which have been cleaned and maintained.

You will receive a customised or other personal assistive device, such as a prosthesis, orthopaedic shoes, compression stockings or a wig, on your first visit subject to the doctor's or therapist's discretion. A rehabilitation planner is responsible for personal assistive devices.

We will provide guidance on how to use the assistive device. Our services also include assistive device replacement and maintenance.

You will receive your assistive device from Konala Assistive Device Services. The service is free of charge.

Service points


Konala Assistive Device Services

Address: Ruosilantie 18, 00390 Helsinki

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