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Emergency care

Wear a face mask in social and health care services

We recommend that everyone over the age of 15 uses a face mask in all facilities within social and health care services.

Read more here: Coronavirus updates from Helsinki

Your primary treatment place on weekdays is your health station

In cases of sudden illnesses and minor injuries during weekdays, the primary treatment location of Helsinki residents is their own health station.

Click here for the health stations' contact information and service hours

If your health station is closed

Call the Medical Helpline at tel. 116 117 before you go to the emergency clinic. The service is open 24/7.

Problems with the phone service continue

There are technical issues in the phone services for health stations, Medical helpline and Coronavirus Helpline. The calls can break for some customers and the call-back service might not work for all customers.

The phone service for the Medical Helpline (116 117) is working (26.11 at 13.30), but some errors might still occur.

You can also be in contact electronically through Omaolo or visit the emergency service or health station. In case of emergency, please call 112.

We will inform as soon as the issue is fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Emergency service locations

Young people over 16 and adults

Children and young people under 16

25.11.2020 15:49