Nutritional therapy for children and young people

Nutritional therapy supports your child's development when your family needs nutritional expertise.

A varied diet and sufficient nutritional intake support your child's development.

If you are concerned about your child's diet and its impact on the child's growth and well-being, please get in touch with the maternity and child health clinic, school nurse or your local health station. A nurse or doctor will discuss the matter with you and provide nutritional guidance.

Illnesses, such as allergies or diseases of the digestive tract, may restrict a person's diet. Obesity, selective eating, a monotonous diet or a suspected eating disorder are also valid reasons to contact a nurse or doctor. The nurse or doctor may refer the child or young person to a nutritional therapist if necessary.

The nutritional therapist will assess your child's diet and give personal guidance and advice to your family. A child under school age may be present during the appointment if the parents so wish. A young person can come to the appointment alone if the parents or the young person so wish.
Nutritional therapists serve clients in varying locations. We will let you know where the therapy will take place during the reservation process or afterwards in a message sent to your home address or in Maisa.

The nutritional therapy services are free of charge. You need a referral to access the service.