Centralised contraceptive counselling

Centralised contraceptive counselling is available to assist you with matters concerning contraceptive implants or any issues related to birth control.

Information on birth control is provided at your local health station, in school and student health care, and maternity and child health clinics. Centralised contraceptive counselling is available for specific situations related to contraception, which are listed at the end of this text.

You can reach us by phone, where a nurse will answer your call and provide contraception advice or help you schedule an appointment with a nurse or doctor. We also offer a call-back service.

If you have a valid appointment for centralised contraceptive counselling or if it has been less than six months since your last visit, you can also send a message through Maisa.

We are available to serve you at the health and well-being centres in Kalasatama and Vuosaari.

The Kalasatama and Vuosaari health stations offer a walk-in, appointment-free consultation service for individuals under 20 years of age, regardless of gender. During these consultations, you can confidentially discuss matters related to sexual health in addition to contraception confidentially with a public health nurse. Counselling serves all genders.

For your first visit, you can fill out and print the background information form in advance to bring with you. Forms are also available in the waiting area.

Appointments with nurses and doctors are free of charge.

We offer free contraception according to certain criteria. For more information, please refer to the link provided at the end of this text.

If you are not eligible for free contraceptives, you will receive an electronic prescription that you can use to purchase the product at a pharmacy.

We serve you in the following situations

You should contact us if you want to use a contraceptive implant or if you want one removed.

We will insert your IUD if

  • you are under the age of 25
  • you have never been pregnant
  • you gave birth less than 6 months ago
  • all your deliveries have been by C-section
  • the IUD could not be inserted at the health station for some reason.

We will remove your IUD if it could not be removed at the health station.

You should contact us if you are having trouble finding a suitable birth control method due to pre-existing health problems, your life situation or previous problems with birth control.

You should contact us if you are under the age of 17 and are considering going on birth control.

Service points

Centralised contraceptive counselling, Kalasatama

Address: Työpajankatu 14 A, 00580 Helsinki

Centralised contraceptive counselling, Vuosaari

Address: Kahvikuja 3, 00980 Helsinki