Supported housing

We can provide support, assistance and housing guidance at your home.

Supported housing is an excellent choice when you possess a good degree of independence in your daily activities but still require support and guidance either in maintaining your independent living or during the transition toward complete independence.

The amount and nature of assistance depends on your individual needs. It can include visits by an instructor with the aim of making your everyday living and managing your affairs easier. Support can also be provided by telephone or video calls.

You can receive assistance when living in an apartment you own or rent or in a transitional apartment. If you live in a transitional apartment, you are responsible for paying the rent yourself.

Support visits provided by Supported Housing are free of charge to you.

For more information on supported housing and transitional apartments, please contact Counselling for People with Disabilities or your designated worker. Housing services are applied for using the disability service application form.

How do I apply for supported housing services? 

Supported housing services are applied for using the disability service application form. 

See the instructions for applying for housing service 

If you receive a positive decision and need a transitional apartment, we will select you a suitable place to live from the city’s own housing units. You can find the housing units of the City of Helsinki under the header Service Places provided below.  

Service points

17 service points

Aura group home

Address: Metsänhoitajankatu 4, 00790 Helsinki

Aurinkolahti Group Home

Address: Ivan Falinin kuja 3, 00990 Helsinki

Borgströminmäki Transitional Apartments

Address: Koirasaarentie 19, 00590 Helsinki

Fallpakka Group Home

Address: Fallpakantie 4 A-house, 00970 Helsinki

Hyvönen Group Home

Address: Kotkankatu 14-16 A, 00510 Helsinki

Hämeentie Group Home

Address: Hämeentie 109 b 32, 00560 Helsinki

Karviaismäki Group Home

Address: Karviaistie 2 F 56, 00700 Helsinki

Majparken service unit

Address: Kyläsaarenkuja 7 A, 00580 Helsinki