Counselling for people with disabilities

We provide you with information on disability services and help you apply for them.

We offer counselling and guidance on issues related to services for people with disabilities. You can contact us by phone, email or by visiting our service point.

The telephone counselling for people with disabilities is available in Finnish Mon-Fri 9.00-11.00 and Tue and Thu 12.00-14.00. The telephone number is +358 9 310 32889.

The telephone counselling service in Swedish is open on Wednesdays 9.00-11.00 at +358 9 310 35154.

If you need help outside of the telephone service hours, you can leave us a contact request in our answering service or send us an SMS.

If you have questions about the transport service travel cards or service vouchers, our office secretaries are available Mon-Fri 8.15-15.00 at +358 9 310 23100.

You can also send us an email to If you intend to send an email containing personal data, please remember to send it in a secure format. You need online banking credentials to send a secure email.

We also offer counselling without an appointment at Itäkatu Family Centre on Wednesdays 14.00-16.00. The address is Tallinnanaukio 1, 1st floor. You can also make an appointment by calling Counselling for People with Disabilities. When you arrive, notify the doorman.

Use the online service

Sending a secure email

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Call us

Telephone counselling for people with disabilities in Finnish

Open Mon-Fri 09-11, Tue, Thu 12-14
Call charge: toll free

Telephone counselling by our office secretaries (travel cards and service vouchers)

Open Mon-Fri 08:15-16
Call charge: toll free

Telephone counselling for people with disabilities in Swedish

Open Wed 09-11
Call charge: toll free

Service points

Social Work for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities at Itäkatu Family Centre

Address: Tallinnanaukio 1, 00930 Helsinki