Kamppi Supported Living Group

We provide housing services tailored to people with disabilities.

The Kamppi block features standard rental apartments specifically designed to accommodate people with disabilities. Within the Kamppi Supported Living Group, some apartments are home to Helsinki residents with severe mobility limitations who require round-the-clock assistance.

Throughout the day and evening hours, our residents manage their daily activities independently with the support of personal assistants. During nighttime hours (22.00-8.00), they receive assistance from a night nurse.

While our staff are not on-site, the Viikki Supported Living Group staff manages affairs on our behalf.

Unit Manager: Eeva Heikkilä, +358 50 541 1305, eeva.heikkila@hel.fi
Supervisor: Sari Kanerva, +358 40 769 7194, sari.kanerva@hel.fi

Contact information

Runeberginkatu 4 A C, 00100 Helsinki View location on service map
P.O. Box 79801, 00099 City of Helsinki
Photo: Juha Myllymäki


Runeberginkatu 4 A C, 00100 Helsinki
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